“We are committed to applying our professional experience and technical expertise to each client’s needs at a high quality level and for a reasonable cost.”

At Openshaw & Co. we can help ensure that every aspect of Intellectual Property is protected. Our UK and European qualified patent attorneys can help you protect your innovations by obtaining patent rights, register trademarks to protect your company’s names, logos and branding, and protect the appearance of your products through filing UK or European registered designs.

We will advise you on whether or not protection of your Intellectual Property is achievable, the types of protection available to you, the pros and cons of protecting your Intellectual Property, and the costs involved.

We will support you through the entire application process – from preparing and filing your application, and then prosecuting your application through to grant or registration – and beyond.

We can also arrange payment of renewal fees to keep your Intellectual Property rights in force.

Software and Business Method Inventions

The patenting of software related and business method inventions is a contentious area and varies between different national jurisdictions. We have many years of specialist experience and expertise working with leading international companies through to SMEs in these challenging areas. Our clients can be confident they will be well supported in facing challenges that arise. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this matter.


A patent application must be filed before any details of an invention are disclosed to any third party, other than in confidence. Small businesses and private inventors in particular should seek early professional advice.

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