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We are Openshaw & Co., experts in obtaining valuable patents at the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office.
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We’re here to help you.
We provide a professional, cost-effective service. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and friendliness.
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We are expert patent attorneys with a comprehensive breadth and depth of technical knowledge.


With industries becoming increasingly competitive, patent protection has never been more important. We have strong technical expertise across all areas of UK and European patent law.


We can advise you on the best way to protect the appearance of your products.


We are here to answer any questions regarding copyright, including issues of infringement, record keeping, transferral, and distribution of copyrighted materials.

Trade marks

We provide comprehensive and commercially-oriented advice. You can be sure that your brand and business are well-protected.
Efficient and accessible patent expertise.
With a proven track record of securing valuable patents in the UK and Europe, our team is a client-focused collective of some of the best brains in the business. We provide a professional yet cost-effective service.
Areas of specialism

We are full-service patent attorneys with a comprehensive breadth and depth of technical knowledge.


In a competitive sector seeing rapid growth, it’s important that digital products are well-protected. Whether you’re an established software company or a startup, we understand the software landscape.


Ensure that your invention remains yours to control and commercialise with an appropriate Intellectual Property management plan.

Artificial Intelligence

The rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning presents businesses with an ever-expanding set of IP challenges and uncertainties. We’re ahead of the curve, already having strong experience protecting cutting-edge innovations in this area.

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Our diverse team of experts bring a collective expertise that includes many years of In-House experience for multinational businesses.
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