Cutting edge and cost-effective. We are Openshaw & Co.

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We bring wide-ranging, technical expertise to clients who are looking for a forward-thinking and flexible team.

2024 marks our 20th anniversary in the business and many more amongst our collective experience, we help clients throughout the UK, Europe, and the World to protect their innovations through the appropriate Intellectual Property rights.
People meets technology
Our diverse and growing team brings a technical edge that our clients won’t find elsewhere. Our team of qualified professionals have worked in many technological fields, including software, engineering, medical, and defence.

A ‘get to it’ attitude – our appetite for getting it done, and getting it done right.

We pride ourselves on our accessibility. By that, we mean the way that our clients can talk to us about anything, any time. We are problem solvers and won’t settle until we’ve found the ideal service and solution for our clients.
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Where it all began

Openshaw & Co. was founded in 2004 by Paul Openshaw, following a long career working in Intellectual Property.
Paul is a seasoned and highly respected European and UK Patent Attorney, having worked not just client side and in private practice, but also as a European Patent Examiner, including serving on Opposition Divisions at the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany. This has given him a unique perspective on the entire patent process.
Having obtained a physics degree from Bristol University, Paul then spent eight years working as a physicist in the research and development fields of signal processing, electro-optics, lasers, displays, and communications systems. He then moved to work at the European Patent Office.
Paul then “switched sides” and practised in-house for one of the US’s leading telecoms corporations and then for a high-profile London private practice with a particular reputation for obtaining software and business method-related patents.
Paul has extensive drafting, prosecution, and opposition experience in many advanced technologies covering diverse areas from mobile telecoms, multimedia, social media, Internet, decision-making networks, information processing, software patents, business methods, encryption, pattern recognition, optics, photonics to sensors, and more.
Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for invention was one of the forces that drove him to establish Openshaw & Co., bringing his extensive and holistic experience of the entire patent process for the benefit of clients.
Since its founding, Openshaw & Co. has gone from strength to strength, with year-on-year growth, fostering and building a world-class team of Intellectual Property experts. The founding principles and spirit that Paul established are intrinsic to how we work, and that Paul continues to nurture within our team today.  
  • Listen and be flexible to each of our client’s needs.
  • Be highly responsive.
  • Have a fundamental attention to detail.
  • Be cost competitive.
  • But above all, have a genuine passion for client success. The rest will follow.